WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE - find out what I stand for

Posted: 15th November 2019
WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE - find out what I stand for


Principally, I am determined to speak up for a proper Brexit, with our sovereignty, borders and fishing grounds restored.  We should all be disgusted how our armed forces are being quietly moved to the 'EU Army'.

Like rich and crime free Switzerland & Norway we can be a vital part of  Europe WITHOUT being members of the failing, dysfunctional EU.

We must have stronger borders and end 'free movement' - we currently have almost 6000 foreign criminals awaiting deportation.

I am thoroughly opposed to Tory plans to build London overspill housing estates in Surrey. I am very keen to preserve our Green Belt and see London go up, rather than out, helped by incentives for developers to build on brownfield sites.

I will fight to see a much stronger police and judiciary with the emphasis on justice and protection for the victims, not the perpetrators.

I am very keen to see schools stick to education that ALL parents approve of and I will campaign for government, local and national, to balance their books on spending.

I'd like to see local referenda on a number of topics, which I think would produce some interesting results...but whether Liberal 'Democrats' would accept the results is another matter.


I was born in Beckenham, Kent and moved to Tatsfield in Surrey in 1983. I trained as a microbiologist at The Wellcome Research Laboratories, studying to BSc (Hons) as a Day Release student.

I run a successful, specialist microbiology business, which trades worldwide. The company was established by my husband David in 1988 and the business moved to Bletchingley in 2014 after twenty years in Reigate.

Married to David since 1984, I have three adult children and two stepchildren; my children were all educated in the constituency, where my family has lived since the early 1980s. My son, now aged 30, served for over five years in REME. He served in Afghanistan in 2013/14 and was an armourer embedded with 9/12 Lancers, then based in Hohne in Germany. 

I served as County Councillor for Godstone from 2013 -17 and stood in the last three General Elections. In 2015 I took second place with 9553 votes for UKIP.

A keen member of the Woodland Trust and Council for the Protection of Rural England, I have been working with CPRE, residents groups and Independent Councillors to prevent local Green Belt being sacrificed to build London overspill towns in the constituency. I am the secretary of the local A25 Traffic monitoring group TAG A25.

In my spare time I enjoy walking in the Surrey Hills and beyond. As a scientist, I am accustomed to rational analysis and objective evaluation of data. I am saddened that young people are not being taught critical thinking nowdays and, worse, that serious government spending and policy decisions are made based on fashionable sentiment, not serious and thorough evaluation of available information. In keeping with my training I remain interested in modern health problems such as obesity and proper provision for mental health. I have a close interest in services such as the Sure Start scheme which can help prevent child abuse by offering help and support to parents in the early years where post-natal depression or trauma may prevent proper bonding, as well as support for victims of child abuse.

I am always happy to hear from Surrey residents with any concerns by phone above or email: helenawindsor2020@gmail.com


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