Tories give developers £4 BILLION to house asylum seekers...

Posted: 12th November 2019
Tories give developers £4 BILLION to house asylum seekers...

This is pure 'virtue signalling' with tax payers money. Think of this when you see the state of our hospitals, schools, roads, trains and tubes. The truth is, it is MUCH cheaper and better to help asylum seekers or refugees from Syria by offering neighbouring countries a fraction of these amounts to help.  

And why are we trying to solve endless Middle East civil and religious wars? Will all these people 'integrate' into Britain? How can they?

Reuters: "Valued at 1.9 billion pounds for Serco and 1 billion pounds for Mears, the 10-year contracts were awarded by Britain’s Home Office Visas and Immigration department under the Asylum Accommodation and Support Services Contract (AASC). The British government is awarding contracts worth a total of 4 billion pounds to house asylum seekers, the sources said, but last year’s collapse of Carillion has dampened appetite for riskier projects". Read HERE.  And HERE

BRITAIN ISN'T IMMUNE from this UN inspired madness. A million dollars a month for refugee accomodation: HERE