Don't mess with our kids!

Posted: 22nd November 2019
Don't mess with our kids!

PANTOMIME SEASON is a far cry from a vamped up drag artist taking your six year old’s class story time, which has been happening in many parts of the country...

drag queen school

Government endorsed guidance from the NAHT states “Primary school leaders may want to ensure books featuring trans parents or celebrating gender identity and difference are included in the curriculum” and ‘forbids’ complaints from parents, governors or teachers. Surely the only lesson primary pupils need is to treat others with respect. There is already evidence that youngsters, particularly those on the autistic spectrum, are being harmed by this 21st century obsession.

Labour and LibDems are equally keen on confusing kids at school. Do you want your kids trying to understand THIS

Lib Dems MP Layla Moran says schools should let boys to wear skirts as part of an enforced gender neutral uniform policy, say the English Democrats HERE 

Tory controlled Warwickshire Council were forced to take down their disgusting website which had explicit descriptions of extreme homosexual acts; I'm not repeating them here. And it’s happening across the globe. Why is this? It appears that the subversive, Leftist 'United Nations' is the driver, as with so many anti-western new ideas.

Of course in Britain, the teaching of homosexuality to young children in schools has collided with Islam. Muslims have been vociferous in opposing these ideas and schools have stepped back but not so in Christian schools, where parents have been insulted, accused of being 'Right Wing' and forced to accept what they feel is wrong - but it's nothing to do with religion, plenty of 'non-believers' don't want their kids exposed to adult 'sex choices'. 

COMEDY MOMENT - The loony left richly deserve this swipe from a brilliant German MP: HERE 

Nowadays, many people are branded 'Right Wing' for expressing perfectly normal views!

Right Wing Extremism?

Apart from any moral issues around 'unusual' sexual practices, the rise in sexually transmitted diseases is off the scale, 447,694 in 2018, up 5%. 


Peru protests

In Peru parents fought back with ‘Don’t Mess with my Children’. Following protests of over a million people, the Peruvian government withdrew a national school curriculum denounced by parents for its inclusion of gender ideology. The same has happened in many parts of the US.

I will support parents setting up a similar group here, in East Surrey. Let's have a local referendum...if Liberals would agree to respect the result of course!

The NSPCC 'pantosaurus' keeping children safe campaign is a useful resource for parents HERE

'Stop LGBT indoctrination at Disneyland' - an interesting video appeal HERE and accompanying petition with HALF A MILLION SIGNATURES HERE

Wow, strange times. Britain's first transgender couple to allow their 5 year old child to 'transition' HERE 

A very interesting website, thought provoking:

To put the other side of the story, you decide:

And some recent commentary on the subject in pictures. Labour suspended a Councillor for speaking out...

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