MIGRATION WATCH UK is an independent, non-political think tank whose President is Lord Green of Deddington, a former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. They are one of Britain's most respected organisations, anaylsing population trends with impeccable calm. Data taken from the ONS and other good sources.

TAX PAYERS' ALLIANCE - The independent tax scandal experts. Their website has incredible stories of government waste!

THE OFFICE FOR NATIONAL STATISTICS the ONS, is the government body for a wide range of official data. Here is information on the National Debt which has risen 50% in the last 10 years of Conservative rule, from £1.2 trillion to £1.8 trillion. And you thought Labour were the only big spenders?! Remember, a billion is 1000 million, a trillion is a million million.

FREE NATIONS - brilliant insights into Brexit and British politics by Rowan Atkinson's academic brother, Rodney

LEAVE.EU - one of the punchiest Brexit organisations run by Arron Banks

FACTS4EU.ORG - Simple and accurate information on the EU racket

GUIDO - a sort of online 'Private Eye', gets right to the heart of the matter and hilarious scandals.

BREXIT CENTRAL - their morning bulletin email is an essential read.

LAWYERS FOR BRITAIN - incisive legal comment on the EU, straightforward legal views.

LEAVE MEANS LEAVE - fantastic resource for information

STANDUP4BREXIT.COM - note the amount of MPs who’ve joined!!

BRIEFINGS FOR BREXIT.COM - well researched inside track on Brexit

LABOUR LEAVE - run by Brendan Chilton, superb commentary.

COALITION FOR MARRIAGE - How odd that it should be considered ''brave' or 'radical' to support the CFM. Well...669,444 people have signed their petition AGAINST the redefinition of marriage, an idea dropped on us by David Cameron under instructions from the UN, without any discussion or a mention in the Tory Party manifesto. 'The Coalition for Marriage' describes itself as 'Britain’s leading campaign group supporting traditional marriage which is between a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others and for life'. Obviously they are all 'Right Wing Extremists' as the BBC like to call some of us...

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