Before the June 2016 Referendum the mainstream media were working overtime to scare people into voting 'Remain'. But 'Project Fear' failed. One of the unsung heroes of Brexit was PAUL JOSEPH WATSON who produced a series of hard hitting, frank explanations of what the EU was really all about. WARNING - BLUNT LANGUAGE: HERE

Also, just before the Referendum, Martin Durkin released BREXIT THE MOVIE - the LibLabCon, the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky didn't want people to see this! HERE'S A GLIMPSE!

But it's best to start at the beginning. That we are still fighting this battle, over 3 years after the biggest exercise in democracy, is disgusting: WATCH HERE

On 29th June 2016 Paul produced this, even Remainers must find this funny - or embarrassing! 1.3 millions views WATCH!

In December 2016, Paul fired off another corker. He doesn't mince his words about moaning LibDems who couldn't bear to lose:  HERE

The reality of knife crime in London. November 2017 this has 1.3 million views, just 7 minutes long, a horrifying report but has anything changed in a year? Not an inch of progress. How can our politicians be so useless? They have never had more money at their disposal, what's lacking is political will: KNIFE CRIME

'The Day We Should Have Left'. A short video on the momentous protests on the 29th March 2019 (largely ignored by the BBC who regularly 'lie by omission' about political events by simply not covering them) HERE

How low can 'Remainers' stoop? Here's Anna Soubry and a LibDemmer demonstrating dirty politics >> HERE

The RSPCA Christmas video: HERE